Greetings from Tyler,

The saga continues, day after day, night after night. The somber expressions of fear on the faces of mainstream news anchors have turned to outbursts of hilarity over the “lying” president who, when caught red-handed simply doubles down. Haven’t we seen some of this before? This isn’t the first time this bunch thought Trump was just a barrel of fun, somebody to provide some comic relief from the serious matters being attended by truly dignified leaders, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But this time, like every time, they’ve almost got him! He’s committing possibly impeachable offenses, not to mention that he’s an unrepentant religious bigot and racist, as just confirmed by the very serious Hawaiian Federal Judge who again “stayed” the Executive Order banning U. S. entry from terrorist infested nations in the Middle East. Apparently, everybody on earth is covered by the American Constitution, and this lightweight judge has determined that they’re being discriminated against, not by the order itself, but because of personal intentions behind it. These people from Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan or Iran may be a danger? That’s nonsense, say the liberal courts. Trump is simply exercising the religious bigotry he displayed during the campaign. It’s a “Muslim ban.” Everybody knows these “refugees” pose no risk! If you think they might, you must be a bigot like Trump. That’s how it goes every day, between presentations of likely collusion between campaign officials and Russian spies, which means that Trump may well owe his presidency to the Russians! He might be Putin’s puppet, for all they know.

There you have it. A brief synopsis of the reality show playing out on outlets that tout themselves as news media. Some will no doubt say it’s all “politics,” and what do we care? In this case it’s personal, not only to the parties involved, but among spectators the world over. It looks more every day like a fight to the death, or at least until Trump is impeached or the mainstream media thoroughly, and maybe permanently, discredited. This dispute will play out globally…

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