Greetings from Tyler,

Exactly what the Trump administration intends to do about the impending threats from North Korea is far from clear.  But the news on that front keeps getting worse.  We’ve already seen a demonstration of ICBM capability that seemed to catch everyone off guard.  Since then we’ve seen reports of high levels of activity at North Korea’s nuclear complexes, and claims that U. S. satellite technology has revealed that Kim Jong-un may have much more fissionable fuel than suspected.

This week we’ve learned of another Trump travel ban, this time warning Americans not to travel to North Korea unless they want their passport revoked.  We’ve seen examples over recent years of Americans imprisoned on espionage charges and treated terribly by the isolated regime.   The case of 22-year-old Otto Warmbier, recently released from a North Korean prison and returned to the United States in a coma only to die a few days later is fresh in everyone’s memory.

Now the Trump administration is advising all Americans in North Korea to leave immediately.  It seems that some are in fact working as English teachers at a private North Korean university, and it will be of interest to see if they’re allowed to leave as has been recommended.  There are another three Americans imprisoned there, and that can’t be good.   Dennis Rodman must be heartbroken about the prospects for his continued friendship with Kim Jong-un, but there is word that exceptions will be granted.  Use your imagination.

Every military expert has drawn the darkest of scenarios regarding the potential of military conflict with North Korea.  They figure that tens, or even hundreds of thousands might perish if the North should unleash thousands of conventional rockets aimed at Seoul and Tokyo.  But the prospect of ICBM’s able to deliver nuclear weapons on U. S. targets is also untenable.  News that Americans have been advised to evacuate may mean something is about to give.

There’s trouble in Jerusalem, with Arabs blocking access to the Western Wall, blocking streets and battling with Israeli police over Netanyahu’s security policies on the Temple Mount.  He’s installed a metal detector for visitors to the Dome of the Rock, and limited Muslim access to women, children and men over 50 years of age.  Protests and street clashes are under way as the eternal battle for control of the Temple Mount continues…

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